About Us

Hamper Magic is 100% Australian owned and operated and so we believe in offering all of our customers a FairGO.

FairGo is all about ensuring you receive a fair go in terms of customer service, products and pricing of our hampers. It’s about providing a risk free shopping experience for all of your Christmas groceries, household products, outdoor, personal care and more.

A Fair Go is:

PAYMENTS YOU CAN AFFORD – it is our responsibility policy that we will never commit you to payments bigger than you can afford. We will tailor payments to suit your budget, as we want to make sure you always remain a loyal Hamper Magic customer.

no cancellation
NO CANCELLATION FEES – cancel your order any time before 31st July 2012 and you will have absolutely no cancellation fees. All of the money that you have paid will be refunded. No processing fees, no fees of any description.

on time or it’s free
ON TIME OR ITS FREE – if your order does not arrive as promised then you will receive your order absolutely free.

MORE HAMPER FOR LESS – ensuring that our hampers contain more items than our competitors and at lower prices.

competitive pricing

FIXED PRICES – All of the prices within our catalogue are guaranteed not to change throughout your payment cycle.

lowest price
BLACK & GOLD – Our exclusive range of Black & Gold is our commitment to offering you a range of hampers up to 30% less then branded products, giving you real savings.

HIGHEST QUALITY – All of our products are sourced direct from the supplier and of the highest quality. We do not use any end of line or short dated products. Our meat is only sourced from quality providers and we are confident that you will notice a real difference in tenderness and flavour.

Our promise is that you can count on Hamper Magic to always give you a FairGo. We will simply not be one of Australia’s favourite hamper companies without our commitment to a Fair Go.

*More Hamper for less
We believe that our hampers offer the best value in comparison to similar offerings from our competitors. This is based on a basket of similar goods of a similar quality, priced at the Recommended Retail Price for such goods in hampers offered by Hamper Magic competitors.

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